A space to generate new ideas and best practices for diversity and inclusion.

Who are we

We are a group of organizations from different sectors, committed to creatinga movement that will generate social transformation in matters of Diversity and Inclusion in Mexico and Colombia.

The INcluye Forum is a space where we can generate new ideas and create transcendental initiatives and practices to make real differences and to be an example of D&I Best Practices in Latin America

We are creating synergies and strategic alliances on matters of Diversity and Inclusion, impacting over 175,000 people and through different actions generating a change in the mentality of new generations.

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INcluye Latin America is comprised of more than 50 organizations


Our achievements

Cross-organizational trainings

  • Homologate the concept of Diversity and Inclusion, and its derivatives
  • Sensitize colleages on the importance and benefits of &I (as employers and with respect to innovation)
  • Drive change in the work culture of our country
Foro Incluye 2018
Foro Incluye 2018

Annual INcluye Forums

  • Generate and raise awareness of the importance of D&I in organization, its impact on business and your role as leaders.
  • Share different views and opinoins, experiences, and relevant success stories to maximize companies.
  • Generate a commitment to D&I and begin the route as agents of change.

Bimestral forums to share D&I best practices

Foro Incluye 2018
Estudio sobre Diversidad e Inclusión 2019

2021 D&I Benchmark

  • Know the current status of &I in participating organizations
  • Share D&I levels and different practices

Download our benchmark →

Organizational Commitments

In Covestro we are committed to Diversity and Inclusion; for that reason, in the last quarter of 2017, we are launching the UNITE campaign to support the LOGBT community and repeating our support and openness. We will also give talks in both Covestro sites to ALL coworkers on what is &I and how to implement and encourage it.

During 2018 we will put ramps in the Santa Clara Plan so that people with handicaps can comfortably move throughout the plant. We will also identify at least two positions that can be covered by people with handicaps of any kind, and we will continue to encourage different matters on D&I through videos, pamphlets, etc.


Kellogg Mexico is a company that is dedicated heart and soul to Diversity and Inclusion, and we will continue to maximize the agendas of our social groups of Women of Kellogg, K Pride and Allies and Young Professional Network. Our causes are equity, equal opportunities and generational integration.


DHL Supply Chain Mexico promises to hire colleages with special cpacity for the operating areas of one of its strategic clients in 2018.


  • To maintain and drive the development of women in leadership positions
  • Increase the percentage of cultural (multicultural) diversity
  • Have a program for the inclusion of people with different abilities.


  • Complete 100% of the training for hiring managers and HR in fair recruitment practices (we are now at less than 50%)
  • Promote the use of a nursing room (previously inaugurated this year)
  • Promote home office programs with the leaders for their teams
  • Continue working to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions (management and first line executives) through internal promotions as well as external talent
  • Launch maternity and paternity leave programs in 2018

Laureate International Unversities

Beginning this year, in 2017 we will shortly make an important investment to make the mobility of our handicapped colleagues a reality and to implement accessibility mechanisms that will eliminate barriers. We are also holding sessions to raise awareness and to help understand handicaps based on awareness, so that every day we build an integral organization that is worthy of all.

Boehringer Ingelheim

In Avon we are committed to being the best choice as an employer for women. We therefore strive to understand and support the unique challenges that confront women today, in order to offer work that is compatible with their needs for self satisfaction. For this reason, in 2018 we will continue to develop leadership programs that encourage the growth of female talent, maintaining a high percentage of women in leadership positions.


Syngenta is a global company with colleagues of different nationalities, ages, professional backgrounds and ideologies work together for a common goal. We are a diverse company by nature, but we have elected to be inclusive. Our three principles deal with inclusion beyond quotas, diversity beyond gender and to become aware of our blind points so that these can be eliminated. We work on these ideals every day in order to integrate inclusion and diversity as part of our DNA.


  • To create a diverse and inclusive work environment that guarantees team equality and equity in order to maximize any differences and to create opportunities for employees, clients, investors and suppliers.
  • To build an organizational culture where everyone can reach their maximum potential (by gender, generations, race, people with handicaps ...) We believe that diversity adn inclusion are key levers to reinforce the results of business in the markets in which we operate and a necessary action for access to future and broader groups of talent.
  • To help leaders in their decision-making process as one of the first steps to build an inclusive culture. We focus on unconscious and conscious biases to make more open and informed decisions.


  • To generate an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion through the support of our committees of coworkers who present their ideas in this area.
  • To increase the representation of women within the organization, setting a hiring goal of 30% in external selection processes.
  • To promote diversity and inclusion as a key factor of our job value proposal as well as a total offering that recognizes the diversity of our coworkers.


  • Reinforce Diversity and Inclusion principles in our Code of Ethices and Business Conduct, emphasizing the benefits.
  • Train 100% of personnel and new hires in matters of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Take preventive and corrective actions in the event of any deviation from compliance with Diversity and Inclusion principles.


Pernod Ricartd Mexico, seeking to be a more inclusive and diverse company through its talent, agrees to:

  • Immediately implement a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that will be supported by a committee that is expert in the subject.
  • To raise awareness on diversity and inclusion amongst all of our colleagues, we will give two conferences with external speakers during the first months of next year.
  • We will replicate the Better Balance workshop, developed by the Pernod Ricard Group to promove principally gendera nd nationality diversity and inclusion, for our line managers.
Pernod Ricard México

Create a better work world and be an active part of the evolution of Mexico and Colombia.

Inspire as an example and generate awareness in order to release the potential of organizations through its people.

Maintain our work flexibility, offering opportunities that promote a balanced life and inclusive environment that guarantees the development our team.


Continue work within the organization to reach 50% of women at managementa nd executive levels by the end of 2017.


To transversally promote the perspective of gender, to erradiate all forms of discrimination, social inclusion and the right to equity in programs and projects of the Institute.

Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones

Reinforce and promote home office and remote working programs with area managers and for their teams.

Continue to prioritize hiring people with talent that covers our profiles regardless of race, religion, marital status, sexual preferences, etc.

Continue to maintain the percentage of women in leadership positions (management and first line executives) through internal promotions as well as exterrnal talent.

Promote the use of a nursing room.

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