The BetterMe platform provides feedback in real time to help develop coworkers through an objective view of their performance.

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With BetterMe workers receive constructive comments at all times, regardless of their role, generating a new company culture of feedback.

What is BetterMe?

Dar feedback

Give 360┬║ feedback

Allow any worker to give or receive a constructive message from a coworker or on a specific action, at any time.

Solicitar retroalimentaci├│n

Request feedback

It also allows you to request feedback from a colleague at a specific time and on certain skills. Includes an audio function to facilitate the message.

Red de colaboradores

Recommends who to give feedback to

Generates a new culture of feedback through constructive conversation and helps to create confidence.


Objectives management

Very simply, each worker can understand the expectations and how he or she can grow his or her career.



Automatically creates a final assessment comprised of the feedback received on skills, following objectives, self-evaluation and 9Box.

Develops workers through feedback.

  • Fosters a culture of constant feedback.
  • Allows the rapid identification of strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Empowers workers in their development and fosters an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Allows a flexible follow up on performance and development.
  • Facilitates the definition of and follow up on personal and team objectives, in line with those of the organization.
  • Increases productivity and decreases turnover.
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StarMeUp OS

StarMeUp OS is the operating system for organizations of the future. Born of the desire to create a work space where we can all strengthen our social tissue, grow our career and feel motivated.

Understanding what is happening in each area of your company helps you to make smart decisions to develop your organizational culture. StarMeUp OS ecosystem application offer instant information so that your leaders are always up to date on their coworkers' experience.

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