In-depth talent evaluation

Manage your Talent with an in-depth and integral view of your coworkers.

Evaluación de talento

Know your talent in depth

We know the importance of an in-depth knowledge of your talent in order to handle their individual and group strengths and areas of opportunity. We at TalentLab combine evaluation techniques to give you an in-depth and integral view of the person.

We are committed to understanding your current and future challenges, and to building customized solutions that assure the impact of your talent development programs, hiring decisions, personnel promotions or movements, support focused on cases of low performance on your business.

The perfect combination

We find the perfect evaluation formula for you, combining different tools such as our Evaluacion 360, psychometric and skills tests, case study, in-depth interviews for areas of proficiency, assessments, etc.

Our solution is your best option, as it offers you:

  • Customized tests
  • High quality, detailed individual reports to guide actions
  • Comparative group mapping
  • Assistance in the process
  • Feedback session with the person evaluated
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