StarMeUp is a platform for recognition by coworkers to increase their motivation and buy-in.

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Bring to life day to day organizational culture through your values and skills, increasing the motivation and buy-in of coworkers and generating metrics that assist with the decision-making process.

What is StarMeUp?

Equipo de trabajo

Peer recognition

Everybody in the organization can recognize the different positive actions that occur every day between coworkers.

Dispositivos de escritorio y móvil

Mobile and web application

Regardless of when or where people are, they can be easily recognized via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Panel analítico

Analysis panel

Data analysis for the purpose of achieving a smart and human organization.

Ícono de reloj

Simple implementation

The launch methodology is simple, fast and high impact, with no need for technical support.

Everybody in the organization can recognize the different positive actions

  • Incentives a human organization in line with the culture they want.
  • Offers coworkers the opportunity to recognize the best.
  • All interactions are completely visible and transparent.
  • Allows a real time assessment of the impact of values campaigns or initiatives.
  • Helps to built the individual's reputation and identify his or her strengths.
App de StarMeUp

StarMeUp OS

StarMeUp OS is the operating system for organizations of the future. Born of the desire to create a work space where we can all strengthen our social tissue, grow our career and feel motivated.

Understanding what is happening in each area of your company helps you to make smart decisions to develop your organizational culture. The StarMeUp OS ecosystem applications offer instant information so that your leaders are always up to date on their coworkers' experience.

¡¡Bring to life your company's culture!

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