Advanced customized diagnostics

Assure the impact of your actions addressing them to your challenges and opportunities! Have a detailed knowledge of your coworkers' commitment, their perception of leadership and work environment, their vision of diversity, among others.

Take a photograph of you today to build a successful future!

Before taking any action know the status of each factor that impacts your organization, so that you can define with confidence where you want to go. We provide a complete vision of your current situation through a combination of different quantitative and qualitative data that we obtain using different tools such as on-line surveys, focus groups, interviews and insight workshops.

Understand where your organization or group is today in order to make the correct decisions.

Reports on results are friendly, easy to understand, guide future actions and allow you to make comparisons and group reports.

All of our diagnostics are tailor made 100%. We integrate your logo and you can define the criteria, dimensions, requisitions, necessary cuts, historic measurements, etc.

We offer some diagnostics that were previously defined, however we can adapt to your unique challenges to design a unique diagnostic for your organization.

We help you to assess:

  • Commitment and work environment
  • Organizational effectiveness and decision making
  • Maturity of the HR area
  • Leadership and team effectiveness
  • Diversity
  • Capacity to change
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