360┬░ Assessments®

An integral view of a coworker or an entire organization by interconnecting different evaluation angles

Equipo trabajando

Integral feedback

360® is an integral feedback process that will give you a complete view of the skills and/or performance of a coworker or a group, evaluated from the perspectives of different people, be it the boss, coworkers, colleagues, suppliers and/or clients, in comparison with a self-evaluation.

90% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of a 360 Evaluation based on the value of the information offered to sensitize coworkers or groups to their current situation, and to focus their improvement and development plans on concrete, high-impact actions.

A useful, friendly and accessible tool

In TalentLab® we offer you a tool that is useful and friendly and can be 100% personalized to satisfy your needs, assessing organizational proficiencies and skills, language, etc. We also guarantee a process that is completely anonymous to assure the participation of the evaluators:

  • Easy to use system
  • Completely customizable (proficiencies, questions, logo, etc.)
  • Interpreted reports
  • Easily prioritized and for correct decision making
  • Instant and friendly results!

We are your business partner, providing you with excellent support to assist your management at an accessible cvost. Just pay for what you use!

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